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Terms and Conditions of Hire

1. A quote by us is for a single day of hire. Extended hire or late returns will be charged 25% per day thereafter.

2. Any shortage within orders must be notified to us prior to the event to be accepted.

3. Deposits for bookings must be paid promptly by E.F.T or Cash.
Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Full payment or the full balance of the booking total must be paid within 3 days of the booking date, by EFT or Cash.
The customer will incur any subsequent fees if bad cheques or debt collection occurs.

4. Cancellation of orders must be within at least 15 working days of the event date or a 50% cancellation fee will apply. This being 50% of the outstanding balance of the total hire agreement.
If the customer doesn’t accept delivery/pick up, then the total hire amount will still be payable.

5. If ordered items are not available, we may replace any portion of with the nearest available item.

6. Extra delivery and set up charges may occur if excessive conditions are present on site and the customer has failed to make this known during the booking process. We deliver from A to B, not to C!

7. Delivery times are always strictly approximate.

8. The hirer upon accepting our equipment/goods, is responsible for all damage or losses. Paper streamer damage to Marquees is the total responsibility of the customer.
A 25% cleaning fee will apply to items that are returned uncleaned i.e. glass ware.
Marquees that incur damage due to deliberate or negligent acts like burning, painting, cutting, being nailed/screwed, texter marks, dog biting etc. will be required to be repaired/replaced at the hirer’s expense.

9. Holland Party Hire takes no responsibility for damage to water pipes, drain pipes, sprinkler pipes, electrical pipes, gas pipes etc. when pegging Marquees unless the ground is marked or a plan is provided to us.
Damage to flowers, bushes, trees, pots, pavers, clotheslines etc. in the act of Marquee erection/dismantling is not Holland Party Hire’s liability unless the hirer has made adequate space for the size Marquee they have ordered.

10. Our number count of hirer goods and our considered judgement of their condition shall be final.
Breakages/shortages will be costed and paid for on the day of hire return/collection.

11. Customers are bound by these conditions of hire whether they have signed or not.
We reserve the right to say no to any order if we feel that conditions are not suitable and safe for us to successfully work in.