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Site Inspection

Event Hire Adelaide

Personalised service has always been a major focus for us, quite simply, being able to work through planning a party or event with a client from start to finish is at the core of Holland Party Hire.

Adelaide has traditionally been a conservative, price sensitive market yet we have thrived over the decades.

By reviewing our price-list page on our website, it’s easy to see that we are super-competitive on our range of hire equipment and often have specials that other companies can’t match.

Part of our service is that we are always happy to give advice over the phone or in person for anyone looking to host a party, plan an event for a company in-house or stage an event in the public arena.

Site inspections are necessary at times to liaise with clients when event planning needs to be precise and certain issues require addressing.

It is preferable for a site inspection if someone can be on hand to initially guide us, though much of the groundwork can be done beforehand on the phone.

Some of the issues that our clients will need to be on top of include council permits and regulations, restrictions that are inplay during the scheduled set up period and then the collection period, safety issues that we may consider ie. underground pipework or ground problems.

Unlike a domestic party that’s hosted by the owner/ occupant of the dwelling, events in public require planning on several levels and is best done with a designated co-ordinater.

Insurance for the event, first aid, toilet facilities, enough volunteers on hand, catering that fits the profile of the event and is at the correct price point and a well thought out plan for attracting the target audience are all key.

Checking that the planned event’s date will not clash with a potential rival or significantly popular other event is a must!

Before we undertake a site inspection, the client must be comfortable with the financial backing of their club, company, church, department or association.

Sometimes for a variety of reasons the first time an event is held it may only be capable of breaking even due maybe to unfortunate weather or guesswork in areas like catering, publicity, security or unforeseen limitations of the site of the event.

Follow-up events tend to flow far smoother especially if the initial format isn’t dramatically changed but rather honed. This formula has served events now for decades.

At Holland Party Hire we understand every planned occasion is unique that’s why we are committed to using the knowledge and expertise gained since 1980 to make sure your requirements and budget are met each and every time.

The majority of sites for a marquee will not require us to visit them prior. A phone conversation is usually enough to successfully choose the correct size. However, one of our staff can be called upon to give your preferred site a free appraisal (time permitting).

We measure the width and depth (metres or feet) of the site and consider if there is any obstruction e.g. tree branches.

The hirer is responsible for damage to any underground pipes (including stormwater and sprinkler systems) and power cables unless a plan is supplied prior to erection.