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Marquee Hire in Adelaide at Budget Prices


Pop-up Instant
SizeSeated at 4′ TablesSeated at TrestlesApprox StandingCost
10 x 10ft/3 x 3m15$POA
10 x 20ft/3 x 6m202430$POA
Free-standing Frame
12 x 12ft/3.6 x 3.6m20$POA
12 x 20ft/3.6 x 6m243035$POA
12 x 24ft/3.6 x 7.2m243035$POA
12 x 32ft/3.6 x 9.6m304045$POA
12 x 36ft/3.6 x 10.8m304045$POA
12 x 45ft/3.6 x 13.2m405060$POA
15 x 25ft/4.5 x 8m365060$POA
18 x 15ft/5.5 x 4.5m243035$POA
18 x 20ft/5.5 x 6m304045$POA
18 x 24ft/5.5 x 7.3m365060$POA
18 x 30ft/5.5 x 9m426080$POA
20 x 36ft/6 x 11m487090$POA
20 x 40ft/6 x 12m6080100$POA
20 x 60ft/6 x 18m85110130$POA


SizeFormalCasualLinen SizeCost
6ft/1.8m Pine68108″ x 54″$9.00
8ft/2.4m Pine810108″ x 54″$9.00
High Table
(2.2m x 1.1m)
4ft/1.2m Round Pine6872″ x 72″$9.00
3ft/0.9m Round White CAFE TABLE4654″ x 54″$9.00
Bar Table 1.1m high   60 cm dia. top90″ x 90″$15.00
EURO‘ Bar Table   1.1m high   85 cm dia. top90″ x 90″$20.00
(2m long)
Black & White Food/Beverage Bar
(2.2m x 0.75m)
Grass Bar
(2.4m Long)


White Bistro (All Plastic – 100% Australian Made)$2.00
Bamboo Top Stool (height 66 cm)$8.00
Black Stool (height 66 cm)$8.00
1 Bar Table + 4 Stools$40.00

LINEN (Only with hire goods)

54″ x 54″White / Black$POA
72″ x 72″White / Black$POA
90″ x 90″White / Black$POA
54″ x 108″White / Black$POA
54″ x 180″White / Black$POA


Sparkle Pendant
24 cm wide x 20 cm high
(Installed by us)
1 for $25.00
2 for $45.00
3 for $60.00
Rice Paper Lantern
30 cm wide
(Installed by us)
1 for $25.00
2 for $45.00
3 for $60.00
LED Rope Lights$40.00
Festoon Coloured Lights
Clear Halogen Globes
20m, 20 globes
Fairy Lights 50m$40.00
Fairy Lights 100m$75.00
Rattan Pendant$25


12 x 16ft/3.6 x 4.8m$195 + delivery
16 x 24ft/4.8 x 7.2m$390 + delivery
Astroturf 5m$25


DescriptionRun TimeCost
Area Heater (With 9kg Bottle)
($85 or $65 with any Marquee hire!)
10 hrs$85.00
Jet Fire Large (With 9kg Bottle)6-8 hrs$85.00
Jet Fire Small (With 9kg Bottle)6-8 hrs$65.00
Radiant Heaters (With 4kg Bottle)7 hrs$65.00
Braziers (Not to be used in or near Marquees)$30.00
Industrial Fans$50.00


Dessert Spoon$0.25
Soup Spoon$0.25
Dinner Plate$0.35
Side Plate$0.35
Cup & Saucer (set)$0.35
Wine Coolers$1.20
Beer Jugs$1.20
Salt & Pepper Shakers (set)$0.80


Ice Containers$5.00
Bain Marie (4 deep trays)$80.00
Pie Warmers Large (4 drawer)$45.00
Pie Warmers Small (4 drawer)$40.00
BBQ (With 4kg Bottle) 1m x 0.6m plate (with Deluxe Steel Warming Trays!)$65.00
Hot Water Urn Large$30.00
8lt Drink Dispenser$30.00


9 x 18ft/2.7 x 5.5m Drop Down / Lightweight$25.00
12 x 18ft/3.6 x 5.5m Overhead / Heavy$40.00
12 x 20ft/3.6 x 6m Silver all-purpose$40.00


Red Wine (310 ml)$0.40
White Wine (200 ml)$0.40
Champagne Flute or Saucer$0.40
Shot / Shooters$0.40
Washington (200ml) All-purpose$0.40
Gala (Short Stem) All-purpose$0.40
Tall Glass (375ml)$0.40

Party Supplies in Adelaide

We offer party supplies such as disposable products, catering equipment and basic event equipment.

Our range of disposable party supplies is mainly based on being cost effective but without sacrificing a certain level of quality!

Disposable plates come in packets of 50 and are available in Oval, Round and Entree sizes. Bowls are offered also.

Plastic Cups in packets of 50 are available in 285ml and 400ml, while Hot Foam Cups come in per 25 sleeves.

Table Covers are forever popular and come in a wide range of fashionable and traditional colours. Long sizes for trestle tables and round sizes that fit a 1.2m round table. White table skirts can also be bought for a different look to our trestle tables.

Great looking clean starched Linen in either white or black can be hired from us at very competitive rates in many different sizes to suit long, round or stand around Bar tables. Linen napkins are also available in white and black!

We stock party supplies for the commercial caterer or the do it yourself party host. Glassware that is of hospitality grade, with styles like red and white Wine, Beer, Shot/Shooter, Tumbler, Gala (short stem) and Champagne Flute and Saucer.

Crockery in plain white with options that include 10 inch dinner plates, entree plates, side plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers (in 2 styles) and short black Demi cups and saucers.

Cutlery can be hired in a pattern or plain style; Knives, Forks, entree Forks, desert Spoons, soup Spoons and tea Spoons.

Bain Maries, Pie Warmers with small or large draws, Hot Water Urns in small or large sizes and BBQs that are custom built with optional stainless steel food warming trays remain popular all year round!

Heating for parties and special events in Adelaide’s cooler months is an area that sees continual product development. Area heaters are a popular way of keeping guests warm as are Jetfire (fan forced) heaters and old style Braziers.

Holland Party Hire rounds out it’s range of party supplies with a nice selection of lights for parties that includes Sparkle Pendants (that allow light to beem straight through), Rice Paper lanterns, sets of Coloured Lights and portable Flood Lamps.